Friday, March 02, 2007

Who, or What, is "John Nelson?"

Many of you will remember the pathetic antics of Newsom Administration Professional Embarrassment Peter Ragone on the SFist blog and how it got exposed. Well, lately it appears that someone is continuing to appropriate the name in order to post some rather surreal contributions on the Wall Forum:

I Like Press Secretaries (A rather unfortunate ripoff of a widespread Net meme)

Bathroom "Humor"

And the most disturbing yet, "I Am Homer Simpson"

Maybe there's more than meets the eye here - a second look at the bathroom post indicates that the "Spock, in a chef's hat" reference may actually be Benjamin Spock, not the TV character. And the Homer Simpson reference in the newest missive is most certainly not the cartoon charcter, but from the Nathanael West classic "The Day of the Locust" (Donald Sutherland plays him in the movie.)

Notable Posts

Castro's Character Threatened?

What WERE They Thinking?: "There were plenty of other hate columns Asian Week could have published. Just a simple Google search and I was able to dig these up:

9. Why I Hate People Who Work Hard, Pay Their Taxes, and Think City Government Should Be Accountable by Chris Daly

8. Why I Hate Chris Daly by the F line Muni driver who was nearly suspended for making a comment to Daly during the last election

7. Why I Hate Not Being Able to Date Nineteen Year Olds Anymore by Gavin Newsom

6. Why I Hate the US Military by Gerardo Sandoval with special guest star Sean Hannity

5. Why I Hate Hillary Even Though She Let Me Sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom by David Geffen

4. Why I Hate Chat Boards by Peter Ragone

3. Why I Hate that Son of a Bitch Even Though He's Paying Me Off by Alex Tourk

2. Why I Hate Ellen Degeneres Hosting the Oscars by Billy Crystal

1. Why We Hate More Than Having the Armory Vacant for Thirty Years by activists in the Mission..."