Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Intensifying ocean acidity from carbon emissions hitting Pacific shellfish industry

Urbanization Drive to Spur Hukou Reform

Bilingual education could make a comeback in CA

Steyer to fight delay of vehicle fuels in CA cap-and-trade system

'Renters are sobbing' as Silicon Valley rents rise $390 a month since 2012

California cities don’t fare well in recovery rankings

Alameda approves plan for new housing, offices and parks on 150 waterfront acres - San Francisco Business Times

S.F. supes put housing goals, minimum wage hike on ballot

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Jerry Brown calls wait times at Tijuana border crossing ‘unconscionable’

PG&E hit with new federal felony charges in San Bruno explosion

Aegis, Missile Defense and the US Asia Pivot

SF's Taxicab Plantation Economy is Failing

Australian Social media users could be charged for sharing new Wikileaks story

Developer faces massive battle over 16th Street BART housing project

Is Japan sinking further into 'Aum-ification'?

A string of recent tragedies in Japan gives the impression of a whole new level of severance between the mind and what used to pass for reality. 

The Japan Times

Prop M 1986 S.F. law in play again as tech's hunger for offices grows

San Francisco Planning Director John Rahaim has one request: Don't call it a beauty contest.
from SFGate

Monday, July 28, 2014

Heat on ALP leader Daniel Andrews over leaked tapes

China is using its immense commercial fishing fleet as a surrogate navy

Will the Brics bank shift the balance of power?

Japan's culture of overtime thwarts Abe's plans for more working moms

Winners and losers in the great Chinese rebalancing

Strategic seafood supply drives South China Sea push

Yuriko Kioke on the New Realpolitik Toward Russia and China

HADR and US-China Military Cooperation

Thursday, July 24, 2014

LA Times in Limbo?

Cost An Issue in Environmental Friendly CA

Majority of Voters in New Poll Pick Brown for Another Term

$3 million OKd to pay for string of Bay Bridge fixes

Water restrictions backed by 75 percent of Californians, new poll says

RICO Charges, Can of Worms May Make Yee Case Whole New Kettle of Fish

San Francisco property owners rip house flippers tax on November ballot

Landlords challenge S.F.'s new law on evictions