Sunday, September 21, 2014

20 years on, a Star Trek writer revisits vision of a tech-ruined San Francisco

Thailand Junta Sees Democracy as Bad Lesson

South China Sea conflict a real threat to Indonesia | The Jakarta Post

Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia Compete for Investment Butthurt

Tibetan confidence in India has increased, but will Modi give in to China?

Jokowi’s Priorities

South Korea Says Japan Quantitative Easing a Risk to Exports

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Jokowi’s priorities in addressing terrorism

Terror money was sent to Malaysia

Tulare County Town is Face of CA Drought

California marijuana market poised to explode

Deal struck over Coastal Commission vacancy

Officials demand CA Attorney General probe improper communications over San Bruno blast

Quartz Just Figured Out That داعش Has An East Asia Presence

Honolulu Is Building America's First Fully Driverless Transit System

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

San Francisco Coast Reveals a Graveyard of Ships

It's That Bad: San Francisco beats New York for nation's highest median apartment rent

San Francisco Shaming Reprobate Soft Stories For Seismic Safety

San Francisco Is Really Bad At Prosecuting Rape

North Korea Has Become An Attractive Nuisance For Stupid Americans

Thailand’s military junta extends censorship with mass online surveillance

And Now, The Indonesia Cabinet Row

Two Indian firms help China ship Myanmar gas over land

Modi and China’s Xi must get along—they have much in common

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

In wake of drought, California finally regulates groundwater

Keep LAPD drone-free, protesters demand

Drought Becomes Powerful Political Tool for Brown, Lawmakers

Bay Area Housing Pipeline: Still Too Short

Can Density Bonuses Help With SF's Housing Crunch?

In Effort to Stamp Out HIV, San Francisco Could Be First City to Offer Free Truvada

Is it too late for Airbnb to do the right thing?

Taxi use plummets in San Francisco 65 percent in 15 months, and some folks still wonder why

Sunday, September 14, 2014

TNDC picked as frontrunner to build Mission Bay affordable housing

SF Business Times

Neighborhood Planning Takes Hold in SF's Sunset District

SF Examiner

Thai army's post-coup actions in deep south hardening insurgency, observers say

South China Morning Post

Islamist Party Chief Sees The Writing on the Wall - A Malay Jokowi is Coming

Lawyer is Latest Catch in Malaysia Sedition Dragnet

Modi in China: Great Expectations

TNDC picked as frontrunner to build Mission Bay affordable housing

Neighborhood Planning Takes Hold in SF's Sunset District

Saturday, September 13, 2014

NO TRACK RECORD - California's Rail Bridges at Risk

McCain's "Minefield" Test for Jokowi

"The signals from the Jokowi camp so far suggest he will largely retain the current government’s revised export tax regime, imposed in place of an earlier conditional ban on mineral exports, if only to satisfy the strident voices of economic nationalism. But Joko told McCain he wants an amicable solution with Freeport that will suit everyone’s interests."

Most know the boats have stopped, but asylum seekers keep coming to Jakarta

"Most arrivals say they know before they leave their countries about Prime Minister Tony Abbott's determination to stop the boats. "The way is closed," as they put it, but still, at the rate of between 70 and 100 people each week, they come."

Vietnam building deterrent against China amid sea row

Hanoi has taken possession of two KILO class submarines in deal with Moscow


Malaysia Offers to Host U.S. Navy Aircraft

U.S. Says Malaysia's Offer Covers Flights From Base on Edge of Waters Claimed by China

N.Korea ready to give Japan report on abductees

Should the World Be Funding Food Aid to North Korea?

"Much like everything under the regime, their diplomacy is a throwback to Cold War amassment, where the language of warfare is utilised to trade for something they need. Right now they need food. And just as the school bully would threaten to plunge your head into the freshly-fouled maw of a toilet if you didn’t give them your lunch money, the regime in Pyongyang sends up a mass of missiles into the sky whenever they need more to eat."